The process of translating a document can be divided into three steps:
1. Examining the whole document, using reference materials to check the translations of words which may present difficulties.
2. Translating the document into English, paying close attention to the exact meaning of the original.
3. Editing the translation so that it is clear and easy to understand, and at the same time making sure that it is written in a style which is the English equivalent of the style of the original.

It is Step 3 which makes the difference between a high-quality translation and a mediocre one. In fact, a translation should be so well-written that no one can guess it is a translation.

However, editing and polishing a translation takes time. This is why a rush job is not likely to result in a high-quality translation. Customers interested in quality should keep in mind that they need to schedule enough time not only for the translation itself, but also for research, editing and proofreading.